Visiting Mas Harun Bastari Lake in Bengkulu

          If you come for a vacation to Bengkulu, you will be treated with a variety of amazing places for tourism. In this bengkulu city there are several lakes that can be made as your vacation destination, one of which is Lake Mas Aaron Bastari, a beautiful lake, which is surrounded by small hills.

Visiting Mas Harun Bastari Lake in Bengkulu - best places to visit in Indonesia

          The location and accommodation Mas Aaron Bastari Lake is located on the border between the city and the town of Lubuk Linggau Curup, precisely located in the District selupung Rejang, Rejang Lebong regency. If you go out of town Curup Bengkulu province, then you will cover a distance of approximately 19 kilo meters towards the west, whereas if you come from the town of Lubuk Linggau South Sumatra Province, then you will cover a distance of approximately 25 kilo meters seitar towards the southeast.

          The location is also very easy to find, because it is Harum Bastari Lake Mas is located at the edge of the Trans-Lubuk Curup Linggau, so from the highway any time you can see the small lake is very beautiful. location Lake Mas Harum Bastari is also not so far from the location of Mount kaba, so for those of you who vacation here, might as well enjoy the view of small mountain from a distance if the weather is not foggy, mountain is still active and is the only volcano still active in the province of Bengkulu, so you better be careful if you want to hike.

Visiting Mas Harun Bastari Lake in Bengkulu - best places to visit in Indonesia

          Lake Mas Harum Bastari within 95 kilo meters from the center of Bengkulu city has a land area of ​​3,600 ha, very spacious not, you can take it with a four-wheeled vehicle ataupn two wheels, if you come from the city of Bengkulu you can use public transportation such as buses of Panorama terminal, from there you take the bus to town Curup, and you will be charged a tariff of Rp 25,000 *) per person.

          Then when you arrive at the city terminal Curup, you just look for a bus with the Department of Jambi-Seginim, the bus will pass through traffic lane Curup-Lubuk Linggau, or you can take the bus degnan other majors, as long as he passes through the cross Curup-Lubuk Linggau just now.

          Now you can directly stop at the tourist area of ​​Lake Mas Aaron Bastari this if you have to. Quite easy to find the right? That's why Lake Mas Bastari Harum is quite crowded, because of its location in a strategic place, so that the visitors will easily find it.

          Lake Mas Aaron Bastari travel has incredible natural scenery is awesome, beautiful scenery intoxicating eye which is the attraction for every visitor who comes to Lake Mas Aaron Bastari this. If you visit here, around here you can see the small hills that in Tanami vegetables, this place is referred to as the center of vegetable gardens, so you can see for yourself how the vegetables that you usually eat while in the plantation.

          Lake Mas Harun Bastari has had a small island in the middle, and on top of small land called the island there is the letter "C" who knows what the purpose of the letter, might symbolize that the lake is owned by the city Curup, but it just a possibility, no one knows.

Visiting Mas Harun Bastari Lake in Bengkulu - best places to visit in Indonesia

          Local city government has built several facilities and infrastructure for all of you who wish to visit, for example, just there already exists the checkpoints that can light you encountered on the front, so if anything happens, you're safe because there must be a help, and already available public toilet and ample parking, so you do not have to worry about parking at the curb again, there are also a canteen, mosque, and also a children's playground, so you do not peru worry if to take the children because there alternative entertainment.

          Well, for those of you who like the Outbound course can also visit, because here also provided Outbond arena and most enjoy doing the visitors is the Flying Fox, feel the tension glide over Lake Mas Harun Bastari this, certainly very exciting.

          In the area around Lake Mas Harun Bastari also has built a hall, or a multi-purpose building that can be used as a venue for a meeting in the formal and informal, not only for the government, the building was also rented to the general public who want to hold an event.

          For those of you who want to stay, here also has been provided several villas and inns that are shaped like a house, even a lovely café in the area of ​​Lake Mas Harun this Bastari.

1. If you have a disease carsick, you better take the medicine drunk first, as it travels from Bengkulu city to Lake Mas Harun Bastari is quite long, from Bengkulu to Curup only takes 2 hours if there is no congestion.

2. If you come here, bring their own food, in addition to guaranteed quality, you can also save money, because the food here must cost quite a bit higher than usual.

3. If you are a boat ride on the lake to get around this, I might as well bring a fishing pole, because it allowed so no harm if you are fishing and fish to take home.

4. The temperature around the lake relatively cold, so for those of you who can not stand the cold do not forget to bring warm clothes.

          Interested to vacation to a place attractions Lake Mas Harun Bastari this? waiting for, invite your family and your friends to eliminate fatigue at this place. happy holidays to Bengkulu.

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